With physics, I learned that the cold does not exist. There is absence of heat. Taking this example in mind, I realized that unhappiness does not exist. There is a lack of happiness! But, for being unhappy, we had to throw away, drowning, pull our happiness.

John Locke said that when we born, our mind is a white sheet of paper that with the passage of time and experiences, make us someone. A child does not, he borned happy. Naturally happy. But later in life, unpleasant situations happen and that happiness, gradually becomes unhappiness. To keep it in us, you must be taking most of the time our natural happiness, which is part of our existence.

The fact is that, just getting away from people and things that make us sad, and not to seeking happiness, and yes, let it blossom, because it was there, it was there all the moment. Just let it flow.

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About jaimejt
21 anos, morando em Joinville-SC, estudante do curso de Engenharia Civil, na UDESC.

One Response to hapiness

  1. Ana says:

    parabens pelo blog e pelo post,o texto é muito bom e nos faz refletir bastante.


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